I am a Pilates & Health Coach and mother to two girls.  Having previously trained and worked as a Maternity Nurse, Breast Feeding Consultant, Sleep Training Consultant and NNEB Nursery Nurse. I am able to bring wealth of expertise to the  specialist pre & postnatal women’s health classes that I offer. Having trained with Burrell education since 2017 I am thrilled to be the Holistic Core Restore® coach for Dorset, offering specisit pelvic health recovery & fitness programs.



Joseph Pilates originally founded his Pilates Studio in New York with his wife Clara, in the 60’s. Since that time knowledge of the human body has progressed significantly. Although Joseph Pilates original moves form the bases of my classes I modify the movements into more manageable ‘bit size’ exercises. By ‘deconstructing’ the exercises it is possible to ‘layer’ them back up, working with a level to challenge each client safely and effectively.

I believe my teaching style significantly reduces, and hopefully eliminates, the chance of causing the body any stress or strain. Each client is encouraged to work at their own level while challenging themselves effectively. With an emphasis of precision, quality and control clients develop a deeper understanding of body awareness. This awareness can be applied throughout day to day activities to strengthen the core, reduce back pain and generally improve quality of life.

All clients are screened and are asked to disclose any condition or injury before they attend the classes. Exercises are then adapted and modified to suit the participants need.



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