CoreFit Postnatal Fitness

CoreFit is my brand new fitness class. This class takes your postnatal recovery to the next level!

Who is this class for? 

Any woman, postnatal, or not, that wants to work in a pelvic floor friendly class to improve her fitness, burn fat, tone her tummy and look after her long term pelvic health with specialist support.

What happens in this 45 min class?

Meet like minded woman who want to work hard, without damaging their long term pelvic health.

Work with your own body weight, small equipment including resistance bands.

Receive  specialist coaching to guide you through the exercise with great technique.

Develop body awareness that you can apply in your busy everyday life.

Be challenged safely while having a good laugh!

Get hot and sweaty.

You are going to love it!

The class starts Tuesday 31st October. 

CoreFit Class