I am passionate about providing inclusive classes, encouraging everyone to be their best. My coaching style allows different abilities to work together, using a mindful approach to develop true body awareness. Classes are gentle, hands on, pelvic floor friendly, effective, & usually delivered with a sprinkling of fun. Class descriptions can be found at the bottom of this page.

Pilates strengthens and lengthens from the inside out, working all muscle groups, but giving particular focus to the core postural muscles. The exercises I choose to coach are modified in a mindful way.  Offering a gentler approach and allowing you to build excellent technique.
With our focus on precision, quality and control, your joints receive less stress and muscles can function better. We find find ways to challenge your body without creating strain and tension.

We will look at activating deep postural muscles to provide you with great core strength that will support you in all your functional activities . Gradually, over time and with practice, you will be able to engage the correct muscles, and coordinate your movements with functional breath.
Pilates exercises not only improve your body awareness, posture and muscle tone, but also the way you move encouraging grace and ease.

Try a class and you will soon realise why I am so passionate about my work, and why my clients love their classes.

Power Pilates – This class is for clients that have been working me for a while, and already have  good body awareness and an understanding of the way I teach pilates. We work through some stronger moves in this group.

Posture Pilates – This is a gentle class that runs a little slower than the others. It is suitable for beginners, seniors, and anyone working with an injury or condition, that has been cleared to exercise. 

Modified Pilates – Anyone can come to this class and work at their own level. The exercises are modified to suit the individuals in the room, providing challenge without

Postnatal Pilates –  This class is for new mums and babies, with a focus on birth recovery and realigning posture post pregnancy.  More information can be found on the Postnatal Classes page.

Classes are well attended. Please follow my Facebook page and join my newsletter to keep in touch and be the first to know when there are spaces. Thank you.