“finding a venue that makes life a little easier for the Mummies  is my way  thanking my clients for their commitment to themselves , getting to class is the biggest challenge, Dorchester Cricket Pavillion is perfect so my specific postnatal classes are all in one place”

Every Woman Top Up

Once you have completed the foundation Every Woman program this class will keep you motivated and on track with your  pelvic heath and fitness.


Postnatal Pilates


Build a strong foundation and reconnect with your body. 45 minutes of gentle, restorative pilates based exercises, perfect for birth recovery from anytime after your 6 week check.
You will receive full pre screening & a ‘tummy gap’ check to make sure the exercises you a doing are appropriate for the stage you are at. Exercising with a specialist equals faster, stronger results & you can feel reassured that you are in specialist hands.
Please bring your new bundle with you, leave them with a carer, or bring the carer with you for support. Whichever you prefer.

This class includes social time, tea and coffee.


CoreFit Outdoor Fitness


Essential low impact restorative exercises to get you strong, get you connected, burn fat and get your heart rate up.

Working with a specialist postnatal instructor means you don’t have to worry about which exercise is right for you, it’s my job to take care of you, and make sure the movement you are doing is spot on for the postnatal stage you are at.
We use the outdoor space as much as possible and have the inside space for when we need it. Equipment is provided.

Everyone is welcome to this fun fitness class. Babies remain in their pushchairs/buggies/prams and are very welcome.