Postnatal Pilates & Pelvic Health Class

So much more than just pilates.


This program will work on building the strong foundation required for your return to formal exercise. Supported by Sammie Mcfarland, Womans Pilates & Health Coach, you will work through gentle, restoritve exercises, alongside being advised on vital nutrition for a deep Post Natal recovery.

Recieve a tummy gap check and know that you are working towards restoring optimol pelvic health.
Bring your new bundle, leave them with a carer, or bring the carer with you for support.

Sammie is an experienced maternity nurse and breast feeding consultant so you really are in specilasit hands.

This class has just 8 spaces and is suitable for new Mums after their 6 week postnatal check or when c-section scars are healed. If your not sure, please get in touch to discuss it further.

Held on Tuesdays 1045 at the Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre, 14 Trinity Street, Dorchester

You will need to have had your postnatal check up before starting any new exercise class, each client will need to fill in a full screening form before attending class.

Postnatal & Pelvic Health Class – 8 Week Course £96.00

You get:

Deep Screening

Tummy Check (Diastasis Recti)

6x 60 Min Specialist Exercise Classes

Nutritional Support for Deep Postnatal Recovery

Valuable Pelvic Health Information

‘You’ Time & a chance to make new friends

Booking is now open for the next course which will run from 31st October – 5th December

Postnatal Pilates & Pelvic Health 8 Week Program

If you are looking for the next level of postnatal fitness please see my COREFIT class.