What is PilatesPilates, created by Joseph Pilates, has long been favoured by athletes, gymnasts, and professional actors. Its benefits are wide-ranging from the well-known increased strength and mobility, to a heightened body awareness and improved lung function from the deep and steady breathing that is used during practise.

Doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors have been recommending Pilates for those with musculoskeletal issues for many years.

These days however, it is not just for those with a ‘bad back’ or those looking for a Pippa Middleton bottom, but everyone from the teenager to the older adult, pre and post natally, those with Multiple Sclerosis, during and after cancer treatment and to alleviate the general stresses and strains of modern life.

Pilates strengthens and lengthens from the inside out, working all muscle groups but giving particular focus to the core postural muscles. The exercises within 4EverPilates classes are executed in a mindful way that is a more considered and gentler approach for the body than other forms of exercise offering core strength and flexibility.
With focus on alignment of  your spine, your joints receive less stress and muscles can function better, As you practice in Dorset with 4EverPilates you will learn how to become aware of good alignment by activating deep postural muscles. Gradually, over time and with practice, you will be able to engage the correct muscles to keep you body supported. The muscles start to create a strong core within your body.
Pilates exercises not only improve your body awareness, posture and muscle tone, but also the way you move. Embrace the challenge. Feel the benefit.

Why Pilates?

Taught safely and correctly in Dorset, 4EverPilates gently restores natural, normal movement and posture. It strengthens the postural muscles that stabilise the torso. By correcting muscle imbalances, the body becomes re-aligned. Healthier & Happier, 4Ever!


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