Womans Pelvic Health Workshop

Join Jane Lofts  Woman’s Health Physiotherapist working At Dorchester County Hospital,  and  Sammie Mcfarland, Pilates, Health & Holistic Core Restore Coach, for an evening of Pelvic Health awareness.

Jane specialises in all things bladder and prolapse related. Sammie used to work as a Maternity Nurse and now specialises in Pilates & Health.

Why should I think about my Pelvic Floor?

  • Do you go to the hair dressers and get you hair done?
  • Do you go to the beauticians and get your nails done?
  • Do you spend as much time on your pelvic floor?

For most of us, we will answer  yes to the first two questions and “NO” to the third, and we aren’t alone. It’s a sad fact that 1 in 3 woman suffer with pelvic floor related health concerns and yet we don’t prioritise it, or worse still, we excuse it. It’s a topic thats rarely discussed.

Luckily Jane and I love to discuss all things woman health related, and feel passionately about delivering the best information available to you.

Is this workshop for me?

  • Do you leak when you cough or sneeze?
  • Do you experience pelvic pain?
  • Do you worry you may have a prolapse?
  • Do you worry about where the next toilet will be?
  • Do you find it difficult to go to the loo?
  • Do you do your pelvic floor exercise but wonder if they are working?
  • Do you want to protect your pelvic floor?
  • Are you a woman?

If you have answered “YES” to any of the above questions you will love this session.

Our presentation will turn what you think you know on its head, and teach you what to expect from your Pelvic Floor now and in years to come. Discover how it functions and how to look after your pelvic floor properly. Gain essential knowledge of nutrition that will support your pelvic floor health and foods that wont.

If you have been doing your pelvic floor exercises, kegels, by squeezing “like your stopping a wee” come join us you there is so much more you need to know, and we all be practicing them together.

When is it?

Tuesday 5th September 7pm

Where is it?

St Georges Church Hall, Fordington, Dorchester

How much does it cost?


  • Presentation from Jane Lofts
  • Practical Pelvic Health Workshop From Sammie
  • Pelvic Health Hand Out – Know your Pelvic Floor
  • Complimentary Bubbles & Cake after the workshop
  • A chance for 10 people to find a Free Pilates Class Voucher worth £10
  • As well as a chance to win a private session with Sammie including full deep screening assessment..

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